Møn island offers some of Europes best kitespots. Both flat, shallow water and world class waves! Read about the different courses further down on the page and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

Kitesurfing is a very social sport despite the fact that it is an individual one. Kiters help eachother and share the stoke. It suits all ages, sizes and genders, couch potatoes and athletes

– as long as you can swim. 

One day course

Consists of 5 hours of lessons. We teach with two students per instructor. The goal of this course is for you to get a real taste of kitesurfing in a safe and fun setting. Warning: you wil propably get hooked!

In the first hours we focus on getting to know the gear, setting it up, learning how to read the weather, and basic kite control. We will enter the water as soon as your kite control is good enough, and you understand the safety fetures well. The first surfing experience will be without the board and is called body draging. 

As soon as you are ready to try the board, we will introduce it in the lesson. Depending on how fast you get a hang of it you might get to try your first waterstarts. For most students its neceassary to have more than 5 hours of kite flying before they are ready to learn how to ride. We will start this step when you are ready for it.  Let`s have some fun!

Weekend course

Consists of 10 hours. We teach with two students per instructor.  The goal of this course is to make you an independent and safe kiter, but most important – have an unforgettable experience together!

The first day will be all about getting to know the gear/ safety systems, and kite control. Once the control is there, you will have some fun in the water, generating power to body drag, or “kite- bodysurf.” This is when you truely get a feel for what the kite can do! 

We ensure you a steady, personalized progression and a very safe experience. Even though everyone learns at different paces we have great success in getting our students riding before the end of their 2 day course. To be a completely independant rider with your own gear It`s sometimes necassary to take more lessons. Choose this course if you are serious about becoming a kitesurfer! Check available weekends season 2020 here

Private lessons

If you would like to have super fast progression and a 100% personalized experience, the private lessons are made for you. Maybe you have already taken some lessons, but need help to get to the next level. Maybe you kite well, but want to learn new tricks.  

Upwind/ board control/ transitions

First jumps/ pop

Backrolls/ frontrolls 

Unhooked /Handlepasses 

Big air and Kiteloops

Wave Kiting (Møn has some of the best beginner/ intermediate wave kiting spots in the world) 

Send us an email and tell us about your level, and we will help you reach your goals!

Not ready to go all in?

If you are curious about kitesurfing but not quite sure if it is a sport for you, we reccomend the two hour test course.

During the course you will get theory, safety instruction and answers to all of your questions. We will practice with a trainer kite, and move on to a full size kite once you have good kite control. The course will be on land and not on the water. If you choose to take more lessons after the test course we will adjust the price accordingly. The more hours you take the bigger the discount gets.

This course is all about fun and learning at your pace. You will get great knowledge about wind, weather and aspects of sailing. No matter if you choose to become a full on kitesurfer it is a course worth your while. By the end of the course you will know for sure if this is an activity for you!