SUP originates from Hawaii. The local surfers where exploring new ways to cach waves.

 The result was SUP  – Cool right?

Who can join?

SUP is for everyone between the ages of 6 – 80..So lets go!

 Requirement for the basic SUP course is that you can swim 200 meters and that you are minimum 12 years old.

We recommend families with kids below age 12 to sign up for a VIP course, as we have no minimum age requirement in those courses. We still require that they can swim 200 meters. 


What should i bring?


  • swim clothes
  • towel and sunblock
  • hat and/ or sun glasses

It is a good idea to bring some snacks and water to have after the adventure is over. We will provide all SUP grear and safety gear. Our students are required to wear life jackets. 

Get ready to get wet and have fun!

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Phone: 0045 26236010

Address: Thyravej 4b, 4791, Klintholn havn, Borre

CVR: 40443169

About us


Opening Hours 

Shop opens May 1st 2021!

The opening hours will be every weekend from May 1st til June 19th

Open every day from june 19th until october the 3 rd

The Surfschool is open from 1st of April until october 30th