An activity for everyone!

Couples, friends and families with kids are all welcome to join the two hour SUP course or take privte lessons. If you have some experience with paddling (canoe, Kyak, SUP) you can sign up for our 3 hour guided tour to Møns Klint. The tour duration includes gear preparation, instruction before tour starts and pack down. Before we start paddeling, we make sure that everyone has a good understanding of how to use the gear, paddle tecniques and safety awareness. Which route we take depends on the groups preference, and the weather conditions. It can be a very mellow and relaxing trip with focus on enjoying the scenery. Or it can be an active and challenging trip with races, yoga on the Paddle Board or other fun activities! It`s all up to you! 

Groups of 4 people or more gets a group discount. For more information give us a call or sendan email. 

What do i need to bring

When you join our safari we will provide all of the gear. Just bring swim clothes, a towel and sunblock. It is a good idea to bring some snacks and water to have after the trip is over. We will provide Stand up paddle boards, wetsuits and safety gear. Our students are required to wear life jackets. 

Family SUP Course

Adapted to the familys needs, and the kids ages. All ages are allowed as long as you can swim. Price is per person for group of 4-5 people. A fun activity for the whole family.

Two hour SUP Course

This is the perfect duration if you are a complete beginner. We choose the location that has the calmest and best conditions. A full on SUP course in beautiful surroundings.

Guided tour to Møns Klint

The three hours will be an unforgettable nature exoperience! This tour can be adapted to both beginners and advanced. Minimum 2 persons per group, maximum 5.